Exhibition design for
Kunstmuseum Magdeburg.

Album artwork and music videos for »die herrmann«.

Exhibition design for
Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale).

Fascination space desaster.

Album artwork for »Crizz«.

Riso printed A3-sized graphic magazine for the band »Apparatjik«.

Logo redesign for »Wanderlust«.

Medal design and video work for the »42nd WorldSkills«.

Some Magazine #2: Electric.

Music video for
»Hanne & Lore«.

Talking about errors with Eugen Gomringer.

»Sent Back« — video experiment.

Poster design
»Farben der Moderne«.

Recap video of
»Campusfest Leipzig, 2012«.

Conceptual poster series about stereotypes.

Poster design
»Someone who’ll watch over me«.

Photographic Documentation of »The Refugee Running Group Initiative«.

Built with Berta